- You must like Magenta of course .... otherwise why are you here?!?!

- If you don't have a website you must provide a valid email address.

- Instead, if you have a website you must provide your site's URL, in this case the email is optional.

- You must put the code up BEFORE you join. I will check your site right after I get your submission email, if I can't find it, I will not add your site's URL, just your email; note that if you haven't provided your email and i can't find the code in your page you'll not be added.
The code must be in a easy to find page, eg. fanlisting page, index, etc.

- The code has to be uploaded to your server, and not linked directly from this site.

- You must fill in all the fields in the form. If the form doesn't work, just send me an email, but, please, remember to specify your country and email.

- No hates, pornography, and racism sites. And please no WrItInG lIkE tHiS.