Choose the one you like most, and put it on your website, just remember to put it up before you join.
Of course if you don't like them or they don't fit in your layout, you can always make one by your own. If you do so, please e-mail me at your button and I'll but it here :)

Text Link

This is an example of text-codes, just copy the HTML from the textarea below and paste it into your HTML page.

* I'm feeling Magenta! *

Image Link

If you want to use an image-code, you must save and upload one of the buttons below to your own server and link back to:
If you cannot add an image code on your site, put a text-code, but do not put a direct link to these buttons! Thank you!

50 x 50


88 x 31

100 x 50

200 x 40